Growth of Social Media Users in Bangladesh in 2024

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Growth of Social Media Users in Bangladesh in 2024

The advantages of social media platforms can’t be denied, no matter where you look and how you look at it. Social media platforms have made vast changes to our daily and economic lives. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made it so that we can connect with people everywhere whenever we want.

This has made it possible for both people and businesses to change how they do things and become more efficient. As such, you can understand that the growth of social media users in Bangladesh is improving daily and yearly.

In 2024, many experts estimate that the number and areas of growth of social media users in Bangladesh will be higher than in 2023. This is because the impact of social media is becoming even more widespread.

Our article will discuss these impacts, importance, and types. This is so you can better understand the growth stats we will share later.

Impact of Social Media in Bangladesh

The impact of social media in Bangladesh has many folds. From communication to culture, economy, and society, every part shows the positive influences of social media. Let’s see just how impactful social media has been in Bangladesh:

Communication and Connectivity

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have made communication in Bangladesh more widespread and available to the masses. People can better communicate with friends, family, and colleagues not just nationally but internationally as well. Many people now exclusively communicate with others through instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls.

Information Sharing and Awareness

Regarding information sharing, social media has recently become the number one option for many in Bangladesh. News updates and educational content are being streamed to the masses through these platforms. Also, social media campaigns are often used to promote social causes and advocate for change.

Business and Marketing Opportunities

Social media has turned into the next best thing for businesses and entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Companies are using these platforms to market themselves better and increase their presence by reaching a bigger audience. Many SMM or Social Media Marketing strategies have become integral strategies for businesses seeking better and greener fields.

Political and Social Activism

Social media has been and still is vital in shaping political discourse and social activism in Bangladesh and worldwide. Many activists and advocacy groups use social platforms to mobilize support, raise awareness about social issues, and organize protests or rallies.

Social media has become a platform for expressing dissent, sharing opinions, and advocating for political change.

Entertainment and Leisure

While social platforms do a lot of good, they are also places for entertainment and leisure for many youths and children in Bangladesh. From watching funny videos to following celebrities and influencers, social media offers diverse content to keep users engaged and entertained.

Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have also allowed new content creators to showcase their talent and creativity.

Importance of Social Media in Bangladesh

You know what good social media has done for Bangladesh, but there are other reasons why you need these platforms as well. Here are two answers to the importance of social media in Bangladesh:

Political and Social Engagement

Social media play and will play a major role in shaping Bangladesh's political discourse and social engagement. Citizens use these platforms to express opinions, share news articles, and discuss social and political issues. Activists and advocacy groups use social media to mobilize support, organize protests, and raise awareness about human rights and environmental conservation.

Educational Resources and Learning

Social media platforms are increasingly used as educational tools in Bangladesh, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and educators utilize platforms like Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and online forums to access educational resources and participate in virtual classes. Social media facilitates distance learning and knowledge sharing, ensuring continued access to education despite physical limitations.

Types of Social Media in Bangladesh

With so many people using social media platforms, you must wonder which ones are the most popular. So here are the top 7 types of social media in Bangladesh:

  • Facebook: Currently, it is the most popular platform in Bangladesh. This platform lets you create profiles and pages that connect you with people all over the country and world. You can share updates, photos, and videos and join groups based on common interests. Many businesses also have Facebook pages to promote their products and services. As of 2023, 86.93% of Bangladesh is on Facebook.
  • WhatsApp: It's one of the popular messaging apps in Bangladesh, thanks to its ease of use. Also, its ability to send text messages, voice messages, photos, and videos makes it well-used.
  • YouTube: YouTube is a popular website in Bangladesh where people share videos. Users can watch various types of videos, such as music, tutorials, vlogs, and educational content. Many Bangladeshi content creators have their own YouTube channels, attracting large audiences. This has made YouTube very popular in Bangladesh. In fact, close to 10% of Bangladesh is on YouTube watching or creating.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a social app that many young people in Bangladesh like. It's a place where 1.16% of Bangladeshi users share pictures and videos, add cool filters and effects, and interact with others by liking, commenting, and sending direct messages. In Bangladesh, people, influencers, and businesses use Instagram to show off photos and videos.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a platform where people in Bangladesh share short messages called tweets. Though not as big as other social media, it's still important. Users can follow others, join discussions, and share news, opinions, and trending topics. Many in Bangladesh use Twitter to stay updated and express their thoughts.
  • TikTok: TikTok is a popular app in Bangladesh where users share short videos. Young people especially love it. On TikTok, users can make and share short videos with music, showing off their creativity. It's a fun place for entertainment and trending content, drawing in an active audience.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a well-known platform used by professionals, job seekers, and businesses in Bangladesh. It's a place where over 0.5% of Bangladeshis create professional profiles, connect with work colleagues and peers in their industry, and highlight their skills and experience. People in Bangladesh use LinkedIn to network, find job opportunities, and advance their careers.

Growth of Social Media Users in Bangladesh

The recent boom in the growth of social media users in Bangladesh can be attributed to a number of reasons. Here are just five that should get the point across:

Increased Internet Penetration

One of the primary reasons for the growth of social media users in Bangladesh is the increased availability and affordability of the internet. While it's true that the internet penetration in Bangladesh is lower than the world average, it has been increasing in recent times. From a mere 3.7% of the population in 2005, it has risen to over 24% in 2023. This increased internet penetration has facilitated a larger population's adoption of social media platforms.

Smartphone Affordability and Accessibility

The affordability and accessibility of smartphones have played a vital role in driving the growth of social media users in Bangladesh. As the prices of smartphones have decreased over time, more people, even those from lower-income backgrounds, have been able to afford smartphones. This has made it easier for individuals to access social media platforms and engage with online content.

Changing Socio-Cultural Dynamics

Changing socio-cultural dynamics, particularly among the younger demographic, have contributed to the growth of social media users in Bangladesh. With the greater influence of Western culture and globalization, there has been a shift towards digitalization and the adoption of social media as a means of communication, self-expression, and entertainment. Social media has become an integral part of youth culture in Bangladesh, driving its widespread usage.

Urbanization and Digitalization

The process of urbanization and digitalization has also played a major role in the growth of social media users in Bangladesh. As more people migrate to urban areas and become exposed to digital technologies, social media platforms have increased for various purposes, including networking, entertainment, and staying informed about current events.

Economic Development and Disposable Income

Economic development and rising disposable incomes have contributed to the growth of social media users in Bangladesh. With improving economic conditions, more people can afford smartphones and internet connectivity. This has led to expanding the user base for social media platforms, as people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds have embraced digital technologies for communication and entertainment.


There you go. The growth of social media users in Bangladesh in 2024 is higher than the previous year. In fact, the growth has increased by a fair percentage year by year. The reasons behind it are clear.

Social media platforms have changed how we do things in many wonderful ways. It has made our communications clearer and broader than before to open more opportunities than we knew we had.

In the future, we will see more positive impacts of social media in Bangladesh and worldwide.


Q. How has social media usage changed in Bangladesh over the years?

More people in Bangladesh are using social media now than before. At first, there were only a few sites like Orkut, but then Facebook came along, and many others followed. With cheap phones and the internet, almost everyone can use social media.

Q. What are the main factors contributing to the growth of social media in Bangladesh?

The main reasons more people are using social media in Bangladesh are because phones and the internet are cheap and available. Also, people want to connect with others and share their thoughts and pictures. Businesses and influencers also use social media a lot, making more people interested.

Q. How does social media influence consumer behavior in Bangladesh?

Social media affects what people buy in Bangladesh. Many people look at social media to decide what to buy. They see ads from companies and recommendations from friends. Influencers also show products, which makes people want to buy them.

Q. What role do government regulations play in shaping social media usage in Bangladesh?

The government in Bangladesh makes rules about social media to keep people safe and stop bad things like bullying and fake news. But sometimes, these rules can limit what people can say online. So, the government has to balance between safety and freedom of speech.

Q. What are the emerging trends in social media marketing and influencer culture in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, social media marketing is getting more creative. Businesses use live videos and short videos to get people interested. Influencers are also becoming more popular. They show products and tell people what to buy, and many trust them.