How to Download Instagram Reels With Music in Bangladesh?

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How to Download Instagram Reels With Music in Bangladesh?

Watching Instagram Reels is a different kind of fun, but sometimes you run across one you need to download later. But how do you do that? How do you download Instagram Reels with music for the full experience?

Here is our simple but effective guide to downloading Instagram Reels with music and without the watermarks. 

Can You Download Instagram Reels?

The simple answer is YES, you can download Instagram Reels with music from your own account. You can even download Instagram Reels with music on your smartphone or computer. Our guide will make it very simple for you. 

You can even download Instagram Reels with music from someone else’s account, but those Reels must first be made public. We will cover that later on. But first, some added context. 

The ability to download Instagram Reels with music wasn’t possible until just recently. By recently we mean before June 2023 you couldn’t download Reels at all. However, everything changed when Meta, Instagram's parent company, copied a TikTok feature. They figured out that letting users download Reels can be a very good and lucrative thing. 

At first, from June 2023, only US Instagram users could download Instagram Reels with music. However, a few months later, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said through an Instagram broadcast that the feature had gone live globally. This goes to show how dedicated Instagram is to being updated. 

How to Download Instagram Reels With Music?

There are three options for downloading Instagram Reels. I’ve explained each of these methods below, along with their pros and cons:

Using Instagram’s Built-in Feature

Instagram introduced a built-in feature for downloading or saving Reels. The biggest pro of using this method is that it’s straightforward and secure because it’s integral to Instagram’s features. The main disadvantage is that not all Reels may have the download option, and it depends on the creator’s settings.

Recording Your Screen

If the built-in feature isn’t available, you can record your screen while the Reel plays. Start by activating the screen recording feature on your device, play the Reel, and stop the recording when finished.

The best part about this method is that it works on any smartphone or tablet with a screen recording feature. However, the recorded quality might not be as good as the original. Plus, the screen recording captures everything on your screen, including notifications. So, be mindful of what is visible on your screen during the recording.

Using a Third-Party App

Finally, you can download Instagram Reels with music through third-party apps or websites. These apps and websites let you download Instagram Reels through various means. Simply paste the link to the reel and follow their instructions.

A major benefit of downloading Instagram Reels with music through these parties is that you can sometimes customize the download. You can pick and choose the file quality, size, and format. This can help with sharing it on other platforms.

Another benefit is that many choices are available so you can use any of them if the built-in feature doesn't work. But remember we recommend going with our first option, the built-in feature, as it's the safest and most convenient option out there. While the other two methods offer more flexibility, you should be cautious to ensure your online safety and adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Use.

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How to Download Instagram Reels without Watermark?

You might notice an Instagram logo watermark when you transfer your Instagram Reel videos to your device’s camera roll. While this ensures proper attribution, it can be a hassle if you want to repurpose the Reel for other platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Facebook. This is where third-party apps come in handy.

These apps often help you download Instagram Reels without the watermark, giving you more flexibility to share your content across different social media platforms. Here’s how you can do it:

App Selection

First, choose a reliable third-party app to download Instagram Reels. Look for apps with positive reviews and a good reputation to minimize privacy and security risks. Make sure the app offers features like removing watermarks.


Next, download and install the selected app from the official app store on your device. Avoid using unofficial sources to prevent potential security threats.

Login Credentials

Open the app and, if required, log in with your social media account credentials. Some apps may ask for permission to access your account.

Video Link Input

Get the link to the Instagram Reel you want to download. Usually, the app has a designated area where you can paste or input the video link.

Download Settings

Configure the app's download settings, such as video quality or format.

Download Initiation

After inputting the video link and adjusting settings, start the download process within the app. The app will fetch the video from the provided link and save it to your device.

Accessing Downloaded Videos

Once the download is complete, you can find the downloaded videos within the app or in a specified folder on your device.

Remember, while third-party apps offer convenience, they may pose privacy risks and violate social media sites' terms of service. Exercise caution, use reputable apps, and know the potential consequences. Always respect the intellectual property rights of content creators and follow ethical practices when downloading and sharing videos.

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As you can see to download Instagram reels with music you don’t have to do anything too crazy. The process is very simple especially if you use the built-in method. You can use third-party apps but we recommend you use the ones that are well-reviewed and have a lot of positive ratings for your safety.